Quality Advancement in Nursing Education - Avancées en formation infirmière (QANE-AFI), a bilingual blind peer review journal, will aim to address questions and issues related specifically to quality advancement in nursing education. Many themes will be addressed including the assessment, indicators, and standards of quality nursing education, the evaluation, program modality outcomes, and the nature and key elements of educational quality.

With the collaboration of several highly respected scholars in the nursing field, Quality Advancement in Nursing Education - Avancées en formation infirmière, published twice a year, will promote excellence in nursing pedagogy through the publication of research, theoretical, and policy papers from a Canadian and International perspective.

Articles will be accepted, and published in either English or French.

Next Edition: April 13, 2018

La revue bilingue Quality Advancement in Nursing Education - Avancées en formation infirmière (QANE-AFI) (dont tous les articles seront soumis à un examen par les pairs en insu) aura pour objectif de discuter des questions et des problèmes liés à l’amélioration de la qualité en formation infirmière. Plusieurs thèmes y seront abordés comme l’évaluation, les indicateurs et les normes de la formation infirmière, l’évaluation des résultats de modalité de programme ainsi que la nature et les éléments clés d’une formation de qualité.

Grâce à la collaboration de plusieurs spécialistes influents du milieu des sciences infirmières, la revue Quality Advancement in Nursing Education - Avancées en formation infirmière, qui sera publié deux fois par année, fera la promotion de l’excellence en pédagogie infirmière par la publication de travaux de recherche, de rapports théoriques et de documents d’orientation selon des perspectives canadiennes et internationales.

Les articles seront acceptés et publiés en anglais ou en français.

Prochaine édition: 13 avril 2018

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2 (2017)




Transforming Problem-Based Learning through Abductive Reasoning
Noeman Mirza, Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Charlotte Noesgaard, Lynn Martin, and Carolyn Byrne


Using Case Study to Examine Simulation in a Problem-based Course
Joanna Pierazzo, Mary Allan, Grace Mclaren, and Dorothy Baby


Evaluation of a College-Community Approach to Developing Multi-level Primary Health Care-Population Health Promotion Practicums for Nursing Students
Shari Laliberte, Zed Amarshi, Rhonda Bennett, Caroline Brunt, Katherine Fukuyama, Nelly Gomez, Elaine Jones, Deborah Littman, Michael McCarthy-Flynn, Maria Martin, and Beverly Piebenga


Mentor Us: A Formal Mentoring Program for Nurses in Graduate Education
Jennifer Bell, Nichole Marks, Jennifer Hermann, and Amanda Klooster

International Perspective


Implementation of Preceptorship in Ghana: “Marriage between school and clinical settings”
Mary Asor Asirifi, Judith E. Mill Professor Emeritus, Florence Myrick Professor Emeritus, and George Richardson Associate Professor