Jacinthe Pepin, inf. PhD, Faculté des sciences infirmières (FSI), Université de Montréal

Florence Myrick, PhD, MScN, BN, RN, University of Alberta

Editorial Board

Clémence Dallaire, inf. PhD, Doyenne Professeure titulaire, Faculté des sciences infirmières, Université Laval - Clemence.Dallaire@fsi.ulaval.ca

Martin Johnson, RN, PhD , Professor in Nursing, University of Salford - United Kingdom - M.Johnson8@salford.ac.uk

Hester Klopper, RN, PhD , Deputy Vice-Chancellor Strategy & Internationalisation, Stellenbosch University - South Africa

Sioban Nelson, RN, PhD , Vice-Provost, Academic Programs and Professor at the Lawrence S Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto - sioban.nelson@utoronto.ca

Pauline Paul, PhD, RN , Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta - pauline.paul@ualberta.ca

Caroline Porr, RN, PhD , Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing, Memorial University of Newfoundland - cporr@mun.ca